Mastering TDD / Unit Testing

Target audience

Java developers and testers interested in mastering Test Driven Development (TDD), unit testing practices and the tools you need..

Training description

This one-day course, designed by Patroklos P. Papapetrou, is the ideal hands-on workshop to learn the core concepts of Test Driven Development, Unit testing and the essential tools that every java developer should be aware of. It is intended to teach developers and testers that feel as developers to write effective and maintainable unit tests using the most popular opensource frameworks and tools.

Although it’s not required, it will be a plus for the participants if they’re familiar with Java and maven. A Github account is needed because it will be used during the workshop.

  • Detailed program
  • Introduction to Unit Testing (JUnit)
  • Basic concepts of Test Driven Development.
  • Mockito and PowerMock to the rescue.
  • The art of asserting with AssertJ (includes how to write your own assertions) .
  • Open source libraries that get TDD to the next level.
  • Using scala-test as an alternative Unit Testing framework.


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