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Patroklos is a highly motivated professional with deep knowledge in the software engineering field. An agile enthusiast and a great team leader who can always “shows you the way”. I regard him as an “unrested mind” who is always looking for ways to improve his work and enrich his knowledge and skills.

Fotis Samandaras
Software Quality Assurance, OTS SA

He has demonstrated outstanding talents in both administrative/managerial as well as technical practice spheres.

Charis Goulios
Chief Commercial Officer, OTS SA

Passionate and devotee about coding, agile enthusiast, with an extremely clear and immediately actionable style, he can managed any software deliverables on-time.

Costas Vasileiou
Co-Founder, Chief Customer Officer, Schoox

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[…] It’s very sad that there are still (many) companies out there that do not realize the importance of software quality and the monster hidden in the code-base : Technical Debt. If you never hear terms or you don’t apply practices like “code reviews”, “technical debt”, “continuous inspection”, “code quality” in your daily development activities then it’s more than obvious that nobody gives a shit about them. These companies are extremely dangerous because they completely ignore them. I doubt about their long-liveliness. There are also some others who “realize” their value but they don’t have time to apply them before they have more important things to do. Yeah, let’s discuss again the same topic in a few months/years! No matter what’s the root cause, the result is the same. Their asset ( software , source code ) is so diseased that it’s going to be very hard to get it back to a healthy state. I have written several articles about technical debt and code quality – also gave numerous talks – but this topic is beyond the scope of this post. If you want you can have a look here or here […]

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