SonarQube workshop

Target audience

Developers, testers, architects, team leaders,  interested in code quality, code review process, automated control of coding standards and technical debt.

Training description

This one-day course, designed by Patroklos P. Papapetrou, one of the authors of “SonarQube in Action”, is the ideal hands-on workshop to learn the core concepts of source code quality and how to eventually adopt continuous inspection in any software development life-cycle, using SonarQube. It is intended to teach developers, testers and software architects how to use this open-source tool to continuously track and improve the quality of their source code.

Although it’s not required, it will be a plus for the participants if they’re familiar with Java and the practices of Continuous Integration and code reviews. A Github account is needed because it will be used during the workshop.

Detailed program

  • Introduction to SonarQube.
  • The 7 axes of quality and the Technical Debt.
  • Picking a metric to improve.
  • Basic principles of Continuous Inspection.
  • SonarQube Inspection Modes and notifications.
  • Strategies.
  • Implementing with Continuous Inspection & code reviews.


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